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We could send to the Nepali people in need already 9 800 euro thanks to the admirable solidarity of our Czech and German friends. As we informed you previously, all this money is used in three destroyed mountaineous villages to cover only urgent needs of local people - so without any personal or administrative expenses. These villages are: Lumsa (region Solo Khumbu), Tauo Maidane (Okhaldhunga) a Mesipa (Sindupalchok/Dolakha). After we had left Nepal, the present help is managed by our good and reliable Nepali friends.

Thank you!


Czech voluntary help for Nepal

Authentic testimony about the earthquake in Nepal and immediate help-

It was three weeks after the first and four days after the last great earthquake in Nepal. We had just returned to Kathmandu after a month’s trip to the beautiful mountains on the northeast of the country, mulling over our experiences. Luckily for us we had chosen an area which the earthquake did not affect. Out of touch as we had been in the mountains, we received only fragments of news which portrayed Nepal as a country in ruins. It was clear to us that we must help when we descent. We love Nepal and our professions and experience suit us ideally to this task. Pavla is a general practitioner, who has worked in developing countries before, Jan is an ecologist and activist with experiences of organizing events in extreme conditions.

Find photo album on following link:


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    DHARAMSHALA, December 11: Tibetans all over the world marked the 64th International Human Rights Day December 10 with major protest rallies demanding immediate international intervention in the T
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    We are gathered here today to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the conferment of the Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the 64th anniversa
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    DHARAMSHALA, December 9: More than 350,000 signatures collected from over 90 countries will be submitted tomorrow at various United Nations offices appealing for the global body’s intervention in
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    On 8th of June, 2010, we transferred the proceeds of the public collection to help the earthquake victims, which on the 14th of April 2010 struck Yushu area (Tibetan Kjegundo) in Qinghai province
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    On April 14, 2010, an earthquake magnitude 7.1 hit the Yushu Prefecture, the largest Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province (China). Nearly 90% of the buildings of main city of the prefecture, Jiegu, was destroyed, leaving thousands of people trapped in the rubble and hundreds of thousands of people homeless. At the moment, the living conditions of the population in the tent camps are still dramatic. Conditions of hygiene are extremely serious, there is no water and there are no toilet facilities. Breeding grounds for tuberculosis are endangering the health of thousands of people. In this period there is a real emergency: the freezing winter has brought the lives of these people to the limits of survival. At Yushu the winter lasts almost all year and in these months, the temperature goes down to minus 30°. Our partners organisation for this project large Italian Humanitarian Organisation Asia Onlus has just concluded the fifth distribution of aid to the people of Yushu. Collection continues act immediately! Suport just nowon special transparency bank account2788704036/5500variable symbol: 108   message to the recipient: earthquake TIBET   Potala, o. s. a Dzogchen, o. s. organizují sbírku v ČR ve spolupráci s ASIA Onlus. Pro aktuální a další informace navštivte webové strá nebo Společnost Člověk v tísni se připojila ke spolupráci na veřejné sbírce pro oběti zemětřesení v tibetské oblasti Číny a uhradila ve dvou vlnách pomoci ze sbírky a fondu Klubu přátel celkem 1 932 000 korun. Svoji účast na sbírce již uzavřela. People in Yushu still need us to help The fifth distribution of aid to the people of Yushu which was hit by an earthquake last April 14th has just concluded. Thanks to your help warm and water-proof tents to 826 families to help them confront the cold winter, thousands of solar panels and other necessary goods reaching a total of 14, 597 people could be distributed. You have made possible such great achievement.Thank you. Many people in Yushu still need us to help them find hope in the future. We won’t stop now. What can bring your contribution: 200 Kč    blanket 300 Kč    metal stove and chimney 350 Kč    basic food to survive for a person (one meal a day for one month) 550 Kč    bed 7 000 Kč winter family tent Even a small contribution of CZK 50 can really help. Tsampa per person a day is only 13Kč. How can you specifically help? Donate on special transparency account of Potala NGO: 2788704036/5500, variable symbol: 108, earthquake Tibet Place the banner on your web Help us spread the word about this appeal. Sbírka získala mediální podporu: Mladá Fronta a.s. - Centrum Holdings - Internet Info, s.r.o. - - a další..