We could send to the Nepali people in need already 9 800 euro thanks to the admirable solidarity of our Czech and German friends. As we informed you previously, all this money is used in three destroyed mountaineous villages to cover only urgent needs of local people - so without any personal or administrative expenses. These villages are: Lumsa (region Solo Khumbu), Tauo Maidane (Okhaldhunga) a Mesipa (Sindupalchok/Dolakha). After we had left Nepal, the present help is managed by our good and reliable Nepali friends.

Thank you!


Czech voluntary help for Nepal

Authentic testimony about the earthquake in Nepal and immediate help-

It was three weeks after the first and four days after the last great earthquake in Nepal. We had just returned to Kathmandu after a month’s trip to the beautiful mountains on the northeast of the country, mulling over our experiences. Luckily for us we had chosen an area which the earthquake did not affect. Out of touch as we had been in the mountains, we received only fragments of news which portrayed Nepal as a country in ruins. It was clear to us that we must help when we descent. We love Nepal and our professions and experience suit us ideally to this task. Pavla is a general practitioner, who has worked in developing countries before, Jan is an ecologist and activist with experiences of organizing events in extreme conditions.

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Meditace pro začátečníky: zklidnění mysli a rozvoj intuice

"Co je meditace? Když vyprázdníš sám sebe a necháš vstoupit Vesmír."
Yogi Bhajan

Ve středu 4.4. začíná nový kurz meditací v Himálajském centru.

Na kurzu nás čekají klidné i dynamické meditace z Kundalini jógy. Zklidníme svou mysl a zažijeme hluboký klid. Pomocí meditací, manter a dechových cvičení otevřeme své srdce, uvolníme úzkosti a emoce z minulosti.