Potala, o.p.s.

Film festival Potala 2010

Festival of Tibetan films and films about Tibet (Prague – 8. 3. a 22.-24. 3. 2010)

The 4th Festival of Tibetan films and films about Tibet brings you 9 new films, of which 7 will screen in Czech premiere. You will visit the Dalai Lama together with a group of prominent scientists, look for reincarnation of an important lama with his foremost disciple, visit Himalayan kingdom Mustang, where conservators are saving an ancient tradition, and try to find a solution to the troubled fate of Tibetan antelope Chiru. Apart of the documentaries, the viewers will have an opportunity to see a genuine Tibetan made box-office hit, a romantic comedy about three Dharamsala friends, of which at least one is in deep love with Richard Gere. All revenue generated by the screenings is used to fund promotional and humanitarian projects of www.Potala.cz NGO.

Cinema Světozor:      
March 8 20:30 Dalai Lama Renaissance (81) 80 Kč
Cinema Aero:      
March 22 18.00 A Shawl to die for (21)
Unmistaken Child (102)
100 Kč

Mustang: Journey of Transformation (27)
Dalai Lama Renaissance (81)

100 Kč
March 23 18.00 A Shawl to die for (21)
Mustang: Journey of Transformation (27)
Mustang (28)
100 Kč
  20:30 Unmistaken Child (102) 100 Kč
March 24 18.00 A Shawl to die for (21)
Sun Behind the Clouds (79)
100 Kč
  20:30 Richard Gere is My Hero (105) 100 Kč