Potala, o.p.s.

News from Education Project for Tibetan Nomads (november 2010)


Wangjia vocational school for resettled Tibetan nomads


Training schedule for 2011
March 2011 – December 2011 (short-term training)
Subjects: 1. Repair service for motorcycles and cars. (max. 25 students)
2. Local architecture, brick layer. (max. 25 students)
3. Traditional arts, stone carving. (max. 15 students)

March 2011 – December 2014 (long-term training)
Subjects: 1. Traditional arts, thangka painting, Tibetan embroidery (max. 30 participants)

School manager

Project objectives
Enable to the nomads affected by the governmental resettlement program to learn new skills that would broaden their possibilities on the job market.
Recent project participants are all from the nomadic township of Wangjia, Zeku County, Qinghai Province, China.
Required funds for above scheduled training programs
Total teachers’ salary: 60 000 Rmb
Total facility rent fee: 10 000 Rmb
Other tuition needs and requisites: 10 000 Rmb
Total 80 000 Rmb


Date: 24th November 2010