Potala, o.p.s.

Stupa – symbol of loving kindness

Impulse and motivation to build a stupa is a strong conviction that this age needs more loving kindness, empathy, understanding, real interest in other people – not only in thinking, but mostly in everyday life, in relationships and mutual behaviour.

During birth, illnesses and accidents as well as during old age and death we are dependent on loving and kind acting of our close relatives, friends and others. The probability that each of us sometimes in our life will be in situation when he or she feels weak, vulnerable or dependent on others is hundred percent.

Present time, its speed, requirements, noise, polluted environment, existential stress – all these facts put a burden on us in such an extent that we often feel too weak to give a hand to someone else. To act with loving compassion, kindness and understanding, to get such an approach when we need it, that needs instant strengthening and developing of these positive qualities.
An individual does not live isolated in this world, on the contrary our life is connected not only with lives of our relatives, friends or fellow workers, but also with lives of thousands unknown people we meet every day in the street. We influence each other, because we live in the same space, the same town, the same country, the same planet.
We want to offer you possibility to join this creative atmosphere, join your energy and effort to create a place of meeting together, of solidarity, to create a core from where can radiate a change of thinking and acting. Let´s get rid off of old chains of negativity, incommunicativeness, reluctance and let´s try a new attitude.

What will the building of stupa bring?

  • Realising an importance of loving kindness in our life
  • Connecting people of every religion or without religion, who care about values as:
    compassion, tolerance, wisdom, understanding, cooperation and honesty.

  • Realisation that if we want to live in a good world in a company of good citizens on
    a well-preserved rich planet, we have to start in ourselves.

  • Awakening of the idea in ourselves –
    There is a law of cause and effect, we are responsible for what we do!

Stupa will become a unique energetic place of nonsectarian meeting, where will rise and develop new ideas. It will become a place which can give top view and distance from single items and will give an inspiration to understand continuity.