Potala, o.p.s.


Datum / čas

Bengali village atmosphere shrouded in melancholy sounds and spontaneous songs and tones of Indian ragas will provide to us PAPIA and BAISHNAV TANTRA the evening before full moon in the garden of the Himalayan centre Potala.

Baishnav Tantra is a music group formed by artist and poet Papia Ghoshal. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, the purpose of the group is to expose authentic & pure traditional Indian music from interior villages & tribal belts to the other parts of the world.

Papia Ghoshal who has graduated in Indian Classical Vocal Music from the University of Calcutta, is trying to bridge the gap between the East & the West by introducing rare music that she explores from the various roots of Bengal & it’s neighbouring villages. She extensively travels & learns directly from the villages & the tribes, where these music originates from. Papia sometimes invites guest artists from those villages to perform with her so that the Western world gets enriched as well as these amazing artists from the villages of India gets an exposer.

The band presents authentic baul & sufi music from Bengal, different forms of jhumurs from different districts of Bengal, urdu ghazals, Rabindranath Thakur songs, nepali folk songs from India along with few old hindi songs.

Baishnav Tantra plays with rare & tradional old Indian instruments like Ektara, Dotara,Duggi, Dupki, Khomok, Ghungur, Kartar, Madol, Tanpura, Tabla & Harmonium.

Papia and Baishnav Tantra is also based in Kolkata, where Papia comes from and tours around India & Europe. Pavel Kassai & Petr Pudil, musicians in her band are well trained in Indian Classical Tabla and Dotatra over past years to compliment Baishnav Tantra’s philosophy that ‘all what matters to the ears is ‘the sound of music’ and not the colours of the musicians.

The visual aspect of the evening will amplify small exhibition of some paintings by Papia, which combines traditional Indian painting with a personal exploration of gender and other modern approaches. The taste buds can not be left aside therefor visitors can expect a small Bengali dessert and beverage.

In case of bad weather we will use the shelter of Potala centre.

Gallery from the first venue of Baishnav Tantra in Potala centre.