Potala, o.p.s.

Cham – Ritual dances of Tibetan monks from exile Mänri monastery in India 28.5.

Datum / čas
19:00 - 21:30

Cham dances of Tibetan Monks are a unique set of observations of the Spiritual Teachings and messages through the ancient and totally unique ritual that combines elements of music, dance and theater in performance that affects the senses and emotions of every audience. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to be present to dances in masks and ceremonial costumes. In Tibetan communities is the cham ceremony held in selected monasteries usually only once a year. It is an important religious holiday and social gatherings. Mänri monks are looking forward that czech public will become part of it too.
ground 350 KČ / balcony 290 KČ
Tickets can be bought also in Měšťanská beseda.
seats not numbered
Length: 2 hod.

If the date does not meet your schedule do not despair and explore the linked sites which advertise other performances, lectures, workshops and other special events in Prague and other Czech cities.


Profit from admissions will be used for reconstruction of the Mänri monastery, orphanage managed by Mänri monastery or health clinic project in a remote part of western Nepal.


      Photographs: Martin Špimr
Monks dances will be accompanied by the players on the ritual musical instruments used exclusively in monasteries. Organizers want to offer to the audience professional performance and an authentic experience.
It is the first opportunity in the Czech Republic to participate in authentic rituals in the form in which they are made for the Tibetan audience, and the unique opportunity to become familiar with the phenomenon, which profoundly influenced the whole Tibetan culture, way of thinking and the society – with the original face of Tibet.